Dec 07

VicoZen Body Recovery Shot Review

VicoZenTL;DR:  VicoZen is packaged like an energy drink and contains a bevy of promising ingredients, including kratom, but the actual effects of VicoZen fell flat in comparison to my expectations, leaving me feeling dizzy and a little relaxed at most.

VicoZen is more than just your typical kratom shot.  While kratom remains one of the main ingredients, it also includes a welcoming inclusion of other all natural herbs like ginger, valerian, and California poppy to name only a few.  I received my bottle of VicoZen directly from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.  The bottle is a little bit smaller than previously reviewed kratom shots with VicoZen measuring in at 2 fluid ounces while Kratomite was a full 3 fluid ounces.  Considering the usual taste of kratom shots, I’m thankful for a smaller bottle, but will it work?  Only one way to find out!

I’d been kicking around the bottle of VicoZen for a few days but hadn’t yet found a real reason to try it.  VicoZen is designed to relieve temporary and chronic pain, relax sore muscles, and generally relieve stress. It also mentions that intimate pleasure may be intensified.  The day to test it finally arrived when I found myself with a daylong headache and an upper back riddled with tension and muscle pain.  I appreciate that the label admits the shot will be a bitter one, it warns me to drink it quickly and to perhaps have a fruit juice on hand. I take all the advice offered and step up to the plate, making sure to shake the bottle for a good minute before cracking open the seal.

I sniffed the VicoZen before tipping the bottle back. The citrus-like smell isn’t outright offensive, but it doesn’t smell all that appetizing either. The taste is somewhat sweet and it too has a citrus-like flavor to it.  There were some other flavors in there, but I followed up the shot with juice so quickly that my tongue didn’t stick around long enough to really define those flavors.  They did a good job at masking the kratom but VicoZen can’t hide the taste entirely. Still, it tasted better than the average shot and I appreciate the effort, kratom isn’t an easy flavor to mask.

I hadn’t eaten in about six hours, so I expected the VicoZen to kick in within 10 minutes or so, but I didn’t feel much of anything for about half an hour.  I then began feeling kind of dizzy, and my stomach began to feel hard, almost like I had a heavy knotted rock inside me.  I relaxed on the couch and flipped on some Netflix, hoping to feel some better effects kick in, but they never really did.  My headache lessened, but was still there, and I felt no effect on the tenseness in my shoulders and back.  I did feel…lighter in a way, but it seemed tied to the slight dizziness.  The bottle did suggest that people with a higher tolerance may benefit more from two bottles than just one, and if you’re going to give VicoZen a go I’d suggest you go for two rather than just one, even if your tolerance is lower.  I don’t consider myself to have a very high tolerance, yet this product just seemed a bit too mild for my taste.  Kratom beginners may want to consider this product, but if you’re expectations are too high you may find only disappointment.

Lite-Mild Relaxation
Taste is bearable
Fantastic labeling + instructions

Slight dizziness
Low pain relief
Kratom veterans may feel nothing

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  1. Toby Frey

    I own a tattoo shop in Louisiana. i would like to see how much you charge per case of Vicozen And how do I go about purchasing it?

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