Mar 22

Super Green Malaysian Kratom Powder Review


super green malaysian kratom powderTL; DR: Though I’m certainly not thrilled with Legal Herbal Shop’s packaging, their Super Green Malaysian Kratom worked well enough for me to recommend it. It kicks in quickly, doesn’t taste awful, and provided above-average feelings of relaxation and stress relief.

Several weeks ago, I received the sampler package to end all sampler packs from Legal Herbal Shop (13 assorted samples in all). My experience with their Gold Reserve Kratom Extract was mixed: I hated the packaging, found the taste and smell of the extract revolting, but had to concede that it was definitely strong stuff. That said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from their other strains and extracts—my taste buds weren’t relishing the thought of another LHS sample, but I decided to give their Super Green Malaysian Kratom a go.

The packaging for all of Legal Herbal Shop’s kratom products (or perhaps just their samples that they send out to reviewers like myself) is a sealed bag-within-a-resealable bag, with a plain white label on the bag denoting what strain or extract is inside. These packs don’t photograph very well, so I apologize for the poor quality of the picture above. Getting to the kratom isn’t very convenient; the inner bag is sealed on all ends, and requires a sharp implement to get to the kratom inside. This time, I used a pair of small scissors (I made the mistake of using a pocket knife with the last sample, and ended up with kratom powder all over the freakin’ place). Even so, whatever material LHS uses for these inner bags has a somewhat sticky feel to it, and much of the kratom inside just tenaciously adheres to the bag’s interior. I realize that this may keep the kratom inside nice and fresh, but it’s still a real pain to get at. To LHS (in my best, frazzled “infomercial” voice): “There’s got to be a better way!”

Thankfully, the Super Green Malaysian Kratom inside of these plastic packs is worth the trouble of getting at it. After pouring a silver dollar-sized lump into a measuring cup, I noticed that while it definitely had that distinctive, earthy kratom smell, it wasn’t at all offensive. I was out of my favorite extra-pulp orange juice, so water would have to do as a chaser. Again, though the taste of this kratom was slightly bitter, it wasn’t anything gag-inducing.

Within 15 minutes of taking the Super Green Malaysian Kratom powder, I felt right as rain. Though I wasn’t in any significant physical pain before sampling this kratom, I had received the mother of all workloads from my boss the day before, and admittedly, I was pretty stressed about how I was going to manage this deluge of busywork in the weeks ahead. After the Super Green Malaysian Kratom kicked in, I felt completely at ease, and I was able to compose my thoughts more clearly. The tasks ahead of me no longer seemed insurmountable, and I proceeded to type up an outline for how to systematically approach each part of this massive project. Though good kratom is best known for its analgesic properties, (if you find the right strain or brand) it works equally well to relieve stress and improve focus. Legal Herbal Shop’s Super Green Malaysian Kratom certainly fits this bill.

Though the effects lasted a while (roughly 4 hours), it did produce a slight, dull headache-y feeling, which lasted for a few hours after the kratom wore off. It was certainly nothing horrible or unbearable, mind you, but in the interest of giving an honest “warts and all” review, I felt I had to share this detail. For some reason, most “Malay” kratom I’ve tried seems to have this effect. Maybe it’s all in my head (no pun intended), but I’m guessing that kratom that’s more on the “relaxing” side (perhaps strains with high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine) can induce headaches similar to those resulting from opioid analgesics.

In short, Legal Herbal Shop’s Super Green Malaysian Kratom powder is potent, long-lasting, and pleasing, though it does have some minor points against it (e.g., the packaging and the slight, lingering headache-y effects). I also checked out their retail prices on their site, and they’re not too bad, either. I wouldn’t rank this kratom as highly as my current favorites (Mayan, Saveonkratom’s Wildcraft, Kratom Therapy Red Dragon, etc.), but I’ve still got 10 more LHS kratom products to sample; perhaps there’s still an undiscovered favorite somewhere in that sample box.

-potent stress-relief and relaxation
-doesn’t taste/smell too bad
-nice duration of effects

-the packaging isn’t much fun to deal with
-very slight, lingering headache-y feelings

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