May 23

Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x Capsules Review


Sapphire Kratom SEI 260xTL; DR: Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x is enjoyable enough for the first few hours, and delivers some very potent mood and focus-enhancing effects. However, the enjoyable ride it provides is over way too soon—by the four hour mark, I felt much the same as I did before I ingested it. 

About two months ago, I had received three samples from Disco Dreamer: Tiger’s Blood, Phoenix 50x Kratom Extract, and Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x. As mentioned in previous reviews, each sample was sent with its own independent lab report detailing these products’ respective alkaloid contents. In a nutshell, the Tiger’s Blood capsules were alright, though the Phoenix capsules were among the best kratom extracts I’ve tried. I was eager to find out if the last remaining sample, this Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x, could possibly match the potency and pleasing effects of Phoenix; that’s a pretty tough act to follow.

The SEI in this product’s name stands for “Super Enhanced Indo”, which I’m to assume, denotes powdered leaf Indo kratom with added extract. I’m not 100% certain what the point of enhanced kratom is, or why manufacturers keep marketing these blends of different kratom strains and extracts. In my experience, kratom users typically prefer either plain ol’ powdered leaf kratom or strictly swear by extracts, and never the twain shall meet. I’m sure that some kratom strains and/or extracts might mesh nicely together, though I’ve tried some kratom strain blends that sadly seemed to mute each other’s best properties. Sometimes it seems as if the kratom industry is like Taco Bell, cranking out endless combinations of the same basic ingredients, just because they can.

The packaging of Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x capsules is nothing to out of the ordinary; it’s basically the same tear-top resealable foil pack used by half of the manufacturers in the industry, with stickers bearing the Sapphire Botanicals logo plastered on the front and back of the pack. The gelatin capsules inside of the packet have that same blueberry-blue hue as Tiger’s Blood caps, as well as the same curious fruity smell and taste, like Mr. Sketch scented markers. After breaking open the gel caps, I noticed that the bulk of the powder inside was golden-brown in color, with several little bright golden powder clumps interspersed throughout. At first glance, I assumed that these clumps are the concentrated alkaloids, and the rest of the powder just plain powdered Indo kratom.

The lab report from AIBiotech states that the Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x sample that they received consists of 75.5% mitragynine, 13.4% rhynchophylline, 3.1% speciofoline, with the remaining 8 or so percent “plant material/filler and the like”. If this is the case, these capsules’ powdered contents can’t possibly consist of mostly non-extracts, since dried kratom leaves only contain 0.25% mitragynine. So I guess what I’m wondering is, if this stuff is entirely (or mostly) comprised of extract, or if the sample that was submitted to AIBiotech was just the standardized extract added to the powder in the capsules. Sapphire Botanicals or Disco Dreamer, this is your cue to shed some light on the subject.

The packet contained 10 0.5 gram capsules, and the retail price (as listed on Disco Dreamer’s site as well as the back of the packet) is $35.99, so this comes out to three bucks and change per cap. I decided to start with the powder from two capsules, and see how things went from there. It turns out that this Sapphire Kratom SEI 260x does not take long at all to start working its magic—within 10 minutes I felt a stimulating burst of energy, and my focus seemed to sharpen a bit. After an hour, the full gamut of effects had become evident: pleasant relaxation, dulled stress and pain, and improved mood. Best of all, my wicked sinus congestion from allergies seemed to let up a bit—has anyone else experienced relief from allergy symptoms after taking kratom? I was in a very happy place.

While working, I consciously put off eating as much as possible, as digestion seems to shorten the duration of kratom’s effects. It turns out there was no need to bother, since after the 3-hour mark, most of the kratom’s pleasurable effects had almost entirely subsided, and by the 4-hour mark they were completely gone. On the bright side, there were no negative side effects to speak of, except perhaps some lingering fatigue (that are more likely the result of severe pollen allergies). In short, these SEI 260x capsules are potent, fast-acting, and enjoyable, but have very little staying power, and are ever-so-slightly on the pricey side.

-kicks in quickly
-best effects are improved mood and increased focus, followed by nice feelings of relaxation, and stress, pain, and allergy relief
-their blue capsules taste kind of fruity
-no negative side (or after) effects
-lab reports!

-a little bit on the expensive side
-short duration of effects

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  1. AcID

    I am currently on kratom 260x sei and let me tell you two capsels is all it takes. It hits hard after a short bit. I am six foot about 155 lbs. it is really hitting hard I took it at noon and laid down and woke up buzzing really hard after about an hour or so. Taking more than that at a time is a waste. Let the effects wear off then dose again. I have tried three different kinds by sapphire. This is by far the strongest out of “Pit Viper 100x” , Tigers Blood 260x, and 260x SEI master blend” I have found that more is not better just a waste. Smaller doses work best for me personally. The pit viper was more of an amphetamine type buzz. I wrote three term papers back to back and cleaned my whole house while tigers blood was not that great. Sei definitely more of a hard hitting buzz. I will post again when I try a different kind. I love kratom but only use it once in a great while for best effects because you build a tolerance fast. Got papers to write get pit viper. You focused alert and can run your ass of while SEI will kick your ass with just two caps. I wanted to share because I was wondering what the best way to take is because there is no instruction on dosage. Less is definitely more when it comes to kratom. I don’t think I could write papers on SEI. Love the feeling I am having. I would not dare drive on kratom though. Use SEI when you got nothing else to do lol. Oh and it is cheaper for me to buy it locally than off the web by like 7 dollars. On the web the want 35 dollars; I can get it locally for 28 dollars and no shipping. Woohoo. That is for 5 gram package. Also keep you package sealed as to not lose potency. I have noticed this and so have others that I have read about. Enjoy! sapphire I love you guys. You make my weekend :-)

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