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Ok-Nature Kratom Tea Review


Ok-Nature Kratom Tea TL;DR:  Ok-Nature Kratom Tea is the simplest kratom I’ve ever enjoyed, just unscrew the cap, pour yourself a cup, and away you go!  A great choice for newcomers as it’s very easy to take a small dose and work your way up.  At a minimal dosage, this tea inspired an inner calm in me that was freeing, encouraging, and enlightening.  

Ok-Nature Kratom Tea was not the next kratom in line to be reviewed on We Love Kratom, but my curiosity was blown away when I received my package, and I admit I couldn’t resist.  Ok-Nature Kratom Tea is the first pre-bottled and pre-brewed kratom tea I’ve come across, and hopefully it’s not the last!  The tea comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a screw-top cap, and a tamper proof plastic seal over that.  The sticker label is well designed, and comes with detailed instructions on dosage, which is always appreciated.  It also reminds me to shake well before pouring myself a cup of tea, and shake well I do!

Each bottle of Ok-Nature’s kratom tea contains 25 grams of Maeng Da Kratom Leaf.  The liquid is a golden brown quite reminiscent of apple cider – until you give it a sniff and a sip.  If kratom tasted half as sweet as apple juice, more people would know about it, but alas the bitter concoction within is everything we know kratom to be.  The recommended starter dose is 50ml, and I grab a teaspoon and measure out an exact dosage.  The instructions suggest that 50ml will offer an energetic experience, while increasing the dosage to 100ml will create a more intense experience that may help one to sleep.  Each bottle contains a total of 250ml, so no matter your tolerance, you’ll get more than one go per bottle.

Be warned, pouring carefully measured amounts out of the bottle isn’t that easy, and I had to do it over the sink due to spillage.  You’ll probably want a chaser, too.  I swallowed all 50ml in one go and immediately followed it up with a glass of water.  The taste was very bitter, but not unexpected.  The brew itself is quite nice though, completely smooth, and even prior to shaking there is only a small amount of residue at the bottom of the bottle.  I start to feel the effects after 10 minutes or so, but they are very subtle.  I’m calmer, my body has become settled.  I actually feel really at peace with everything.  I don’t feel euphoric or insanely happy, but I’ve got this inner calmness that makes everything in the world absolutely a-okay.

I do feel some bursts of energy, but it’s not a rush of energy.  Perhaps burst isn’t even the right way to describe it.  It was more of a desire to move – I went from being perfectly content to sitting at the computer, to being absolutely enticed by the great outdoors.  I went for a walk to take in the sights and sounds of the city, and enjoy the breeze that had begun to kick up.  Heading home, I noticed it was recycling night, and I wheeled all the recycling bins for myself and my neighbors to the curb.  In the years I’ve lived here, I admit I’ve always been a bit too lazy to do that, and yet I felt completely compelled to do so after taking Ok-Nature Kratom Tea.

The experience wore off after three or so hours pasted.  I have no doubt that taking 100ml of Ok-Nature Kratom Tea would have effects lasting beyond the three hour point, but I felt that the dosage I took was perfect for me.  I might consider 75ml in the future, but this tea really lends itself to easy experimentation.  I’ve brewed a few kratom teas over the years, and it can be an inconvenient task, depending on the form your kratom is in.  Ok-Nature Kratom Tea really took the guess work out of it, and although it seemed like a less potent kratom, it’d be very easy to increase the dosage until you hit the potency you were looking for.

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