Oct 31

Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot Review


Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation ShotTL;DR:  Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot might not taste the best, but the effects outweigh the last kratom shot reviewed, and with ease of use and informative instructions it makes an excellent choice for new kratom fans.

Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot comes in two flavors – strawberry-watermelon and lemon-lime.  As a fan of all things citrus, I opted to sample the lemon-lime flavor carried by Super Fun Cave.  The bottle is well labeled and offers a great deal of information regarding the product, something I thoroughly appreciate.  There’s just something special to be said for transparency.  If you have allergies, take heed, as kratom lovers with nut or wheat allergies are warned to stay away.  It also includes a warning for those with Phenylketonuria (PKU) as the product contains aspartame.

Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot is brewed using a Red Vein Kratom, and combined with citric acid, honey, and other natural and artificial flavoring.  The bottle warns to shake well, and it’s no joke.  I shake the bottle for a good thirty seconds and then pour half of it into a glass.  It looks like mud, thick and gritty, and I don’t advise swirling the liquid around the cup too much as the kratom element sticks to the glass.  The smell is not the lemon-lime I was expecting, but instead is almost a bit apple-like.  Interestingly, it smells almost exactly like the previously reviewed KXL Liquid Kratom and looking at a comparison of the ingredients, it’s not a real surprise.

The bottle contains a total of 2oz of liquid, and equates to 6-7 grams of kratom and kratom extract.  I opt to take about half the bottle for this review, equaling about a serving and a half.  Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot actually contains a Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot in a cupdecent little set of instructions and serving suggestions so it’s a nice choice for beginners or folks looking to give kratom their first try.

The first taste is not what I expected, and I have to say right now, KXL Liquid Kratom tasted better.  The liquid is sour, leaving me with a lingering taste reminiscent of vomit.  It does mask the kratom taste though, so I guess in that sense it got the job done, but I’d suggest giving strawberry-watermelon flavor a try instead – I definitely will be.  I follow my shot with a glass of water, and hit the couch for some gaming while I wait.  The effects come on fast, within ten minutes I feel a bit lightheaded.

My upper back begins to loosen, I can feel my muscles relaxing and it’s a relief.  I lean my head against the couch and slip into a gaming marathon.  I don’t feel particularly energetic, but I’m not knocked off my feet either.  This is definitely a more relaxing kratom, and I remained in a rather calm state for the rest of the evening.  While I’m not blown out of the water by Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation Shot, and the taste was something worth forgetting, it definitely was more impressive than KXL Liquid Kratom when it came to effects.

Easy to take
Clear, informative labeling
Very relaxing

Lemon-Lime flavor was not pleasant
Gritty, mud texture

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  1. Jay T. Cold

    Thx much for the well written review. I just ordered up a couple of the strawberry shots from Super Fun Cave.

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