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Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract Review


Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract

TL;DR: Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract packs a mega punch of intensity.  This is a one gram packet of 50x kratom extract not meant for beginners, or those just wanting to get some peaceful sleep.  Lucky Kratom offers a real roller coaster of a ride, so hold on to your hats!  

Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract is another kratom product manufactured by Lucky Kratom, so when I received my sample, I knew I was in for a treat!  Lucky Kratom’s 50x Powder Extract was donated by Super Fun Cave, where it’s currently available for purchase. The last Lucky Kratom product I reviewed was Lucky Kratom 5 capsules and I was nothing but pleased with that particular kratom.  I didn’t realize it until I got the 50x powder in the mail, but every Lucky Kratom product carries with it the signature tag line “maximum potency” hence it doesn’t serve as a reliable indication of the products potency.  That said, I think Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract is worthy of the tagline, as it contains only one gram of the finest powder I’ve come across yet.

This powdered kratom has a real creamy, chocolaty smell, it’s honestly the best smelling kratom I’ve had the pleasure of trying.  It’s so soft and smooth, it looks exactly like cocoa powder.  It’s too bad it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but that’s just the kratom way I suppose.  I dumped the entire packet in a glass of water and chugged it down.  The powder dissolved relatively easily with few clumps, I wasn’t forced to refill the glass with water due to a large amount of kratom sticking to the sides.  I should note that I chose to partake in Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract on an empty stomach.

To say I felt the Lucky Kratom beginning to kick in immediately is almost an understatement, I was still holding my glass and standing in the kitchen when the first waves hit me.  Within 10 minutes, colors were crisping up for me, I went to the mirror and sure enough my pupils were dilated.  My mind became a steel trap, albeit a temporary one.  I had the ability to pick up and focus on any one thing quite intensely, but I had to focus to stay on task at the same time.  My thoughts were firing in rapid succession, and as long as I consciously strove to stay on target, I had no trouble avoiding incoming distractions.

I feel happy – those three little words popped into my mind during my time with Lucky Kratom 50x Powder Extract more than I can count.  I was still feeling the euphoria the next morning, along with a really relaxed buzz.  When other people start commenting on how good your mood is you know you did something right.  I even had one person ask me if I’d gotten lucky…so thank you Lucky Kratom for letting me say yes!  There was definitely an energetic kick to the entire experience; it’s sort of like a punch of lightening.  I could go anywhere and get anything done, or…I could just have easily done absolutely nothing and had a blast.

Although I definitely felt relaxed, I wasn’t relaxed enough to sleep while under the effects of Lucky Kratom 50x.  At least, not for the first four hours, after that I could have slept if I wanted to.  Once I did finally hit the bed, sleep came quickly and naturally.  I did wake up in the middle of the night from a rather terrifying nightmare, but it’s impossible to know if Lucky Kratom helped inspire that – I’m guessing not, but it’s worth mentioning.  Overall, the experience lasted a really intense four hours, and then continued to last for the rest of the day to a lesser extent.  I’d say the duration of the aftereffect definitely went into the next day though!  While the intensity of Lucky Kratom 50x powder extract may not be for everyone, and there’s only enough for one go, I’d highly recommend it to anyone seeking a mental adventure.


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  1. Anonymous

    I took 4 capsules of the “Lucky Kratom Rx Strengh” 2.5 hours ago and felt nothing.

  2. DoctorWormbog

    I almost never gave kratom another chance because Lucky Kratom was the first brand I tried. I bought this exact 50x powder and some of the pressed tablets. The 50x powder did nothing for me on an empty stomach :( The tabs were decent, but WAY overpriced.

    I’m glad websites like this exist so that people with experience using the plant can help others avoid being disappointed. Cheers!

    1. Natural_Solution

      In our experience, Lucky Kratom offers a consistent and high value product that is great for newcomers and anyone uncomfortable with buying their in bulk. Sure, it’s almost always cheaper to buy offbrand products from Costco, but that isn’t what everyone wants. As to our experience, we’ve enjoyed a nice range of Lucky Kratom products over the years, most of which haven’t been reviewed here. I’m shocked that the 50x powder was utterly ineffective for you, but I’m glad you were able to find a solution which did work! By the way, Lucky Kratoms pressed full spectrum tablets are definitely worth another look.

  3. Jb

    I’m sure this stuff was good, but I would recommend that everyone buy from somewhere else. Nothing against Super Fun Cave, they are a great website. But their kratom products are an absolute rip off. Not bad quality, just really bad prices. For the price of this extract, you could have bought 3 ounces of powder which would last a lot longer. Also, most connoisseur of kratom stick with powder or leaf anyway. Some extracts are good, but you ultimately get A LOT more bang for your buck by just buying powder or leaf in bulk. If you become a frequent user, buying plain leaf or powder will save you a TON of money. Not that these extracts don’t work, but you basically spend the same amount that you could to get 2 to 4 ounces of powder which will last weeks, for something that is basically a single use product. Sounds like a nice product, but almost 30 bucks for a single serving? Their are far more cost effective ways to use this product. Don’t be sucked in by the whole kratom ‘extract’ thing. Just stick with your plain leaf/powder. You will be much happier.

  4. Anonymous

    thanks so much for the review!

    I’ve been very curious about Lucky Kratom and especially Super Fun Cave, but you have clinched it! I suffer from pretty painful back and joint pain and I’m really excited that this might help.

    Again thanks for the hard work. It’s very very very appreciated.

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