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Kratom Therapy Red Dragon Capsules Review


kratom therapy red dragon capsuleTL; DR: So far, Kratom Therapy Red Dragon Capsules are my favorite KT product. They’re nicely balanced between stimulating, pain-relieving, and more-than-a-little euphoric. As an added bonus, the kratom inside the gel tabs doesn’t taste so bad when you crack them open and swallow them in powder form. 

As mentioned in previous reviews, Kratom Therapy sent the mother lode of sample packages: 3 varieties of their powdered kratom, 3 varieties of their capsules (oddly, these were the same strains as the powdered kratom sent), a small pack of 30x potency extract capsules, and a packet of Maeng Da kratom tea leaves. After checking out their site, I came to realize that Kratom Therapy had sent a total of roughly $100 worth of merchandise to sample; clearly, this is a kratom manufacturer that either does very brisk business, or has a tremendous amount of confidence in the quality of their products, or both. The Superior Malaysian powdered kratom and White Vein Thai capsules that I had tried weren’t bad, though neither deserved (in my opinion) a five star rating (the Malaysian was slightly lacking in the potency department and tasted awful, and the White Vein was a bit too speedy for my tastes). However, my sampling of Kratom Therapy’s Red Dragon capsules was a sort of “Goldilocks” experience; it was “just right”.

KT’s capsules are packaged in bluish-green pill bottles bearing their distinctive logo (a “K” with a Mitragyna speciosa leaf protruding from the top tine) and a caduceus on the side label and the bottle’s cap. Each 0.5 gram capsule is packed solid with finely powdered kratom, and after cracking open a cap and pouring its contents into a measuring cup, the powder is ever-so-slightly moist to the touch. My nose didn’t wrinkle up at the scent of the Red Dragon powder as it did with KT’s Superior Malaysian powder. Brave soul that I am, I decided to taste the powder by itself; though it clumped up around my gums, I didn’t feel the pressing need to immediately wash every last granule down my throat with orange juice. The flavor was slightly bitter, but otherwise inoffensive.

The instructions on the label state that the capsules are “Active at 2 grams (1 capsule = 0.5 grams)”, so they assume that their average customer has basic math skills. I generally have a high tolerance for kratom, but I figured I’d give this product a fair shake and start out with the recommended dosage amount; if that didn’t do the trick, I still had a bottle with 46 more capsules to determine potency. After washing down 4 Kratom Therapy Red Dragon Capsules with some OJ, I began to feel a heightened sense of focus within 15 minutes; within 20, I felt somewhat euphoric, and the muscle cramps and aches that had bedeviled my morning were pretty much gone. After 45 minutes, the feelings of stimulation had gradually segued into a very pleasant feeling of calmness and relaxation, which lasted a good 4 hours.

I decided to give the Red Dragon a go without the gel tabs, and split 5 capsules open into my handy-dandy measuring cup. I had run out of orange juice, so water had to do. Even in larger amounts, the Red Dragon wasn’t a chore to wash down. There were still little pockets of the stuff wedged behind my teeth, but I wasn’t in a huge hurry to cleanse my palate. This time, the effects were much more intense and immediate: in less than 10 minutes (!) I felt simultaneously peppy and at ease. Unlike their White Vein Thai powder, I didn’t have a hard time focusing on my work—the calming, stimulating, and euphoric effects just seemed perfectly balanced.

Judging by the informational brochure included with the KT samples, Red Dragon is their flagship product: “It is from a deep jungle plantation that only KT has sole rights to, and is our trade secret… Not an extract or a mix, just 100% natural kratom”. Now, I have no way of confirming if all of this is true, but KT’s Red Dragon capsules (and powdered kratom, since I took the liberties of freeing the powder from the caps) is definitely deserving of praise, and occupies that “Goldilocks zone” of kratom products: it’s stimulating, but not speedy; it’s relaxing, and effectively dulls aches and pains; it’s got a nice duration of effects; and it doesn’t taste vile. All things considered, I was very impressed with Kratom Therapy Red Dragon Capsules, and if I awarded stars in my reviews, this product would receive a full five out of five stars.

-Kicks in quickly
-Stimulating, with a sharpened sense of focus
-Effectively numbs pain and discomfort
-Pleasantly transitions from stimulating to relaxing
-Doesn’t taste terrible in powder form



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  1. heru

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    We specialized sell with online trade about crushed or powder of kratom.
    Our kratom is from wild forest , so our kratom taste is bigger than other seller around the world. We have based location in Borneo Island, where that is come from Indonesia Country.
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  2. designated driver

    At 35 I have been exploring homeopathic means to pain, stress, and I can’t lie… a light good time once in a while. I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I don’t do any illegals, and I don’t have a way to get enough opiates for more than emergency pain relief (which is a good thing since I LOVE them so much.) After failed attempts at Kratom powder (couldn’t stomach it no matter how I tried to mix it, and then made a mess trying to salvage what was left into capsules)
    I studied up on Kratom and went with a sample pack from KT.

    I went strait to 3g (6pills). Other than noticing my rotten mood got a bit giggly for a bit before reverting… I can’t say I got anything out of it. So many hours later I got home and went for 5g (10pills). Hour later… still squat.

    I thought about taking more, since I know I have a weird tolerance to lots of things, so needless to say I’m confused seeing everything from “4-5 pills was nice” to “I ate a whole bottle and felt nothing”. If you get pain relief in low doses and can function during the day, how much do you have to take to get a little psudo-opiate buzz on? And which type?

  3. Jo

    I found out about Kratom from Facebook and at first I thought it was another “scam” to get my money.
    Boy, was I surprised when I actually purchased kratom. I swear by the product and recommend it to anyone that has a need for enhancement in their mental and physical daily life. Like all things, you have to be willing to find what balance works for you. I do not care for the elixir nor i like the white vein. My body responds differently to what tha stand guidlines of most meds or herbal products reccommend. Ex. Valium makes me uneasy n nervous, so when trying Kratom listen to your rep, know your body and try the different strains in “normal” doses until you find the combo or balance that works for your needs. It is that simple. Kratom had made a believer out of me and Kratomtherapy.com is my favorite supplier. I have purchased frim some shops and if they buy from a blender sometimes the product is acceptable, but price is to high and I recommend learning about Kratom in detail to utilize the broad uses. Thnks jos

  4. Jaime

    I am a newbie to kratom, just started my experience with 6 capsules of KT’s Red Dragon. I am in withdrawal from suboxone, and after reading the reviews, I figured I would give it a go. I am keeping detailed notes of when and what effects, if any, are felt. I will post back in a little while with an update. I sure hope it works because I had been on the subs for about 9 months, and do not want to have to take them any longer. I also take meds for anxiety and depression, but have not taken anything but the kratom today! Looking for a clean natrual experience!

    1. Natural_Solution

      According to countless testimonials, kratom is a great option for abating suboxone withdrawals. Don’t be afraid to try different kratom strains to find what suits you best and be aware of the possibility that, due to your suboxone addiction, your experience with kratom may differ from someone with no dependency on opiates. Keep us updated on your progress and GOOD LUCK. We’re rooting for you.

      1. Jaime

        So I took 6 caps at 1:35, by 1:55 I was feeling some stimulation (about a 1/2 cup of coffee). I decided to get up and take a shower at this point, so I would be able to feel better. After I got out I was feeling pretty stimulated (full cup of coffee). By 2:20 I was still feeling pretty energized, and getting used to the feeling, balancing out. At this point I felt good enough to go lay out and get some sun. I had no nausea, no euphoria, just felt pretty normal, except for slight chills from the subs withdrawal. I came in at around 3:15 to get some water, feeling very thirsty and actually a bit hungry, which I found weird because I can never even stand the smell of food when I am detoxing from opiates. I was also very talkative, feeling very social, no anxiety, no depression, just those darn chills and sweating a little. It is now about 4:30, I am starting to feel a bit dizzy, maybe euphoric, but I am analyzing everything I feel so not as relaxed as I could be if I wasn’t in “experimentation mode.” Overall I am in a great mood and happy…so I am hopefull. Tomorrow will be the ultimate test as day 2 is usually the worst for me, but I have an open mind and thankful that I have found something that works. I will keep you all updated with progress and experiences later and tomorrow! Thanks for the reply. Any strains from specific vendors anyone found to be the most relaxing? Tips on dosing? Better to buy in bulk? Altgough I am diggin’ the Red Dragon from KT, just want to keep my options open.

  5. curious george

    which would you say was more stimulating and euphoric therapy red dragon or white vein thai? in your opinion whats the best kratom for the stimulating and euphoric feel?

    1. Natural_Solution

      That’s a tough call. The white vein is more stimulating, like a nice espresso shot, but without the stomach rot. The Red Dragon is less stimulating, but more even across the board. Funny you should ask about strains. Our advertiser, Super Fun Cave, just released a “Kratom Strain Guide” that breaks it all down nicely. http://superfuncave.com/kratom-strain-effects/#.UY0JvsrqV3M

      1. curious george

        has anyone tried or reviewed the kratom therapy malaysian?

        1. Natural_Solution

          I have – it’s a nicely energetic strain, great clarity of thought and focus, with a nice period of effect (~3 hours on 2.5 grams). I prefer their Bali, Red, and White, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  6. Art Z.

    I absolutely loved these capsules. The human body can only absorb so many kratom alkaloids at one time, so I have no idea why anyone would take a whole bottle of any brand of kratom in the course of a few hours. The previous poster probably reached a plateau which negated any beneficial effects of the kratom, or is just trolling to be a jerk. In any case, I’d recommend this kratom to anyone.

  7. Anonymous

    I took a whole bottle of fifty capsules over the course of a few hours didn’t feel shit. Very disapointing

    1. Natural_Solution

      You took ~25 grams of kratom in a few hours with no results? Results vary, of course, but this is highly unusual and suspicious. You likely have a bigger problem than insensitivity to kratom to not even experience the nausea that usually accompanies kratom abuse like that.

      I’ve been enjoying the Red Dragon for several days now to great effect. Perhaps not the profound effect you were looking for – just a nice, regular, kratom sweet spot. Diminished pain and tension, plus a gentle buzz akin to coffee. Not as stimulating as their white vein, however.

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