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Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf Review


Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed LeafTL; DR: Kratom Therapy is fast becoming one of my favorite kratom brands. Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf (“Kratom Tea”) provides all of the jitter-free stimulation you’d expect from good Maeng Da, and relieves stress very nicely.

Several weeks ago, I received a box full of Kratom Therapy products to sample and review. Kratom Therapy Superior Malaysian Powder was a bit on the weak side, and tasted nasty; the Kratom Therapy White Vein Thai Capsules were a bit too peppy for my tastes, and made it difficult for me to focus. However, Kratom Therapy Red Dragon Capsules stood out as an exemplary kratom supplement, and struck a perfect balance between their stimulating and analgesic effects. I’ll gladly rank Kratom Therapy Red Dragon amongst my favorite kratom products, alongside Divinity and Mayan.

I had saved the Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf for last. It’s not that I dislike kratom tea; it’s just that I’m kind of lazy, and preparing the ideal cup of kratom tea requires more preparation than other methods of ingestion. The water temperature can’t be too hot or too cold, the kratom leaves must be steeped for an adequate amount of time, and some brands require fussing about with lemon and/or honey to make the liquid palatable. Besides, the effects imparted by tea brewed from crushed leaf have never been (in my experience) as appreciable as those of powder or capsules, and are often mellow at best.

Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf is packaged in a transparent plastic and foil packet, and adorned with a sticker depicting lush, tropical foliage. There’s not much in the way of instructions, other than “10 grams – 4 servings”. Since I don’t have a scale to measure out servings of 2.5 grams, I poured the package’s contents into a Tupperware container and set aside what looked like roughly 1/4 of the crushed leaf. Kratom Therapy’s crushed leaf is more finely ground than that of other brands–there are no stems or twigs, just dry, leafy matter pulverized to a slightly lesser degree than their powdered leaf products.

After boiling some water and letting it cool for a minute, I packed half of a tea steeper ball with what I had guessed was approximately 2.5 grams of KT crushed leaf. I let the ball steep in the still-steaming water for about 10 minutes. The water had taken on a dark green color, and I noticed that some of the kratom leaf particles had sifted through the steeper ball and were floating in the tea. I wasn’t too concerned about this, as some message board posts I’ve read advised consuming the leaves along with the tea to get the best effects from it.

After taking the first sip, I decided that the tea was too bitter to consume on its own. It wasn’t awful, but I definitely felt the need to add a lemon wedge and a bit of honey to offset the taste. Though I had skipped my morning coffee, within minutes of drinking half of my cup of tea, I felt nicely focused and awake. I wasn’t feeling any notable pain or discomfort that morning, but I had been feeling particularly antsy after quitting smoking cold turkey several days prior. The Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf kratom tea seemed to take most of the edge off my residual nicotine cravings, allowing me to work relatively stress-free. This pleasant, peace-of-mind feeling lasted a good 4 hours into the early afternoon, and this was noticeably the first time in five days that I didn’t feel like I had a monkey on my back.

Maybe I’m just getting better at brewing the perfect cup of kratom tea, but I was particularly impressed by my experience with Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf. It delivered the pleasant stimulation I’d come to expect from Maeng Da kratom, while effectively relieving stress in the process. If you don’t mind the extra effort involved in preparing kratom tea, I’d definitely recommend a warm cup of Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Crushed Leaf tea to start your day.

Effectively provides stimulation, focus, and stress-relief
Resealable packaging

Requires some prep work
Somewhat bitter taste
Very finely ground (you may want to use a teabag rather than a steeper ball)

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    Thanks for sharing this. I’ll try kratom tea for sure as I have very tight schedule and really wanted some stress buster natural drink.

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