Jun 21

Kratom Strains Explored: Bali Kratom

Bali KratomTL;DR: Bali Kratom is one of the more sedating strains of kratom at regular doses that’s still stimulating in lower amounts, but caution should be exercised with this effective strain. 

Bali Kratom originated in the province of Indonesia called Bali, one of many areas of Southeast Asia where Mitragyna Speciosa naturally grew at one time. Although Bali kratom is still imported from this region (typically from Borneo) the rapid commercialization and spread of kratom and various kratom strains has divorced kratom strains from inherently being from the area their strain name denotes, so keep in mind that just because it’s called Bali Kratom, it doesn’t mean it’s actually from Bali!

Bali Kratom, which is often called Premium Bali, is typically considered a more sedative strain of kratom. Although (as is the usual with kratom) each variety of kratom reacts differently with different individuals, kratom users tend to agree that Bali is very sedating in higher amounts, and energizing at lower doses. It’s often considered the most narcotic-like of the kratom strains because of its strength as a pain killer and sedative, however with this comes a downside. Bali Kratom may induce considerable nausea, often unexpectedly to the new kratom user, and it’s recommended that even seasoned kratom enthusiasts start with a smaller than usual dosage when trying a new Bali strain. People who need higher doses of kratom are at a higher risk of experiencing nausea when taking Bali, but as with all strains not everyone is equally susceptible to kratom induced nausea.

One of the major differences between Bali and other more sedative blends is that Bali kicks in fast and strong, but it also tends to wear off faster than other blends. By the four hour mark, most users are no longer experiencing the sedative, analgesic effects of Bali Kratom. Other factors may also come into play when considering duration, such as metabolism, any food eaten prior to or after dosing, and individual body size. Some users of Bali Kratom claim the effects can wear off after only one to two hours after ingestion, making Bali Kratom a strain with one of the shortest durations.

The effects of Bali Kratom can sometimes be a bit more subtle than other strains, especially when it comes to any of its energizing or stimulating effects. It doesn’t take much at all to bypass the stimulating side of this strain and instead end up taking a nap on the couch. Bali can be more effective for the body as a whole, relaxing tense muscles and allowing one to release carried tension and experience pain relief. To achieve a more stimulating dose, take anywhere from half to one third of your typical dose. This should help to instill the more stimulating, coffee-like effects of Bali rather than the weightier calming effects.

Overall, Bali Kratom can make for a fantastic stimulant replacer at very low doses, and at higher doses it can instill fantastic analgesic effects, soothing the nerves, the mind, and the body in an all-encompassing way. Caution should be exercised when trying Bali for the first time, or avoided all together, for those with easily upset stomachs or an extremely low tolerance, but on the whole Bali Kratom has positive effect.


  1. scott mcnabb

    What is a reasonable amount of kratom to take for headache?

    How many capsules?


  2. jatTcold

    Bali is by far my favorite strain of Kratom.

    As Kratom_Lover mentioned, it’s also known as “Premium Bali”, and I’ve seen it as “Bali Red Vein”, “Bali Indo” and “Bali Premium”.

    I find that 5 grams, ingested in pill form, takes about 30-40 mins to kick in. Effects are non-debilitating nice relaxation (both mental and physical) and very pleasant mood for four or five hours.

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