Sep 12

Kratom 15x Solid Extract Review

Kratom 15x Solid Extract from Salvia ExtractTL;DR:  Kratom 15x was easy to break and take in its thin brick-line form.  The experience was eccentric in nature, with a euphoric kick that made the ordinary take on an exciting quality.

Kratom 15x is a solid extract in rather plain packaging.  There is no crazy name here to determine this kratom from all the rest, the package simply states “Extract Potency 15x” at the top, followed by ‘Kratom’ in thick white lettering, subtitled by ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’.  What exactly is in this little purple packet though?  Some strain of kratom, that’s for sure, but which one remains a mystery.  I received this sample from Salvia Extracts.  The extract is in smooth, flat bricks and they’re a pure brown in color.  Each piece snaps easily between my fingers, and I spend a few minutes trying to decide if I’d rather throw some in a cup of warm water and wait for it to dissolve, or swallow them in small pieces.  A brave soul might even chew it up and swallow it like a candy, but that person isn’t me.

I decide to do a bit of both.  Unsure of how well this little brick will dissolve, I put about half a gram into a cup of warm water and start stirring.  It actually dissolved relatively easily, though it required a good five minutes of patient stirring and poking with a spoon.  I chug it down in a few powerful gulps and wait to see what happens.  There is nothing unusual about the taste or smell, everything screams bitter in those regards, and because of this I pop a piece of gum in my mouth to cut the aftertaste.

After ten minutes or so, I start to feel a bit relaxed.  I feel pretty good, but as I wait I decide to take another half gram or so, and break up some pieces to just swallow with a glass of water.  Ten more minutes pass, and now I know I’m feeling good.  I stretch my arms, my legs, my back – I have an urge to get up and away from the computer, and so I do.  I don’t feel energetic, but I do feel the need to move.  I throw on some music and enjoy some spry dance moves, cutting a groove to a beat all my own.

I tire out after an hour or so, and hit the couch for some eyeball entertainment.  Oddly enough, I’m bored within moments.  My mind is pretty active, I’m still feeling great, and I grab a book instead.  I try to read for a bit, but concentrating on single words with this Kratom 15x working through my blood is a bit too difficult to be beneficial.  I say screw it, and decide to reorganize my book shelf.  Categorizing, quantizing, organizing, all these activities gave my brain immense pleasure, like popping bubble wrap.

After three hours, I feel far more sedated, and rest my head on a pillow to consider where I’d like to direct myself next.  I guess I fell asleep at this point though, because I woke up hours later in the pitch black of my living room.  I had a smile on my face though, the euphoric effects still lingering in the form of a great mood which lasted until I awoke the next day.  It was a somewhat long nap at one and a half hours, but I had no problems falling asleep at my usual bedtime later that evening.

Overall, I wish I’d of skipped the bitter tea and just taken the kratom in chunk form with a glass of water.  It’s incredibly easy to weigh and measure out a perfect dose, and I really enjoyed that.  I found it easier to take than capsulated kratom this way, simply because the capsules used by kratom vendors are rather large.  Although the duration was somewhat short with Kratom 15x, I only took 1 of the 3 grams it came with, which I felt was the proper dosage for myself.  It was definitely an interesting kratom extract experience!

Easy to take
Sedating after a time

May have a short duration
Unknown strain

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