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Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules Review


Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules TL;DR: To review Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules in one word, I’d have to say “unimpressive”. Sure, they were moderately relaxing and analgesic, but they really didn’t distinguish themselves against other brands. Factor in their inflated retail price ($19.95 for six 1-gram capsules), and it’s pretty apparent that their flashy packaging really isn’t worth the cost–especially since Indonesia’s recent export ban is driving up retail prices as it is.

Several weeks ago, the fine folks at Super Fun Cave sent me another box of kratom samples. As an “online head shop”, SFC carries many of the kratom brands displayed in brick-and-mortar head shops, which tend towards flashy packaging rather than economic pricing. To their credit, they also carry some big-name brands that produce superior-quality kratom (e.g., Mayan, Aura, Experience, Captain Amsterdam), though others just seem to appear on their virtual “shelves” to round out their selection. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules were donated by Super Fun Cave for review, where they are currently available for purchase. I had never heard of Kaboom Kratom before receiving a 6-pill pack in my sampler shipment, so my first impression was that this was another white-label kratom brand dressed up with snazzy colors and graphics. This isn’t always a bad thing; I thoroughly enjoyed Green Genie XL kratom capsules, but in my experience, most of these fly-by-night companies’ products (usually extracts) just leave me flat.

Kaboom Kratom is packaged in the same type of resealable foil packets used by Lucky Kratom, Floories, etc. The front of the package features a slick graphic of a cartoon bomb with a lit fuse (what’s up with all of these “bomb” references on kratom products? I get that companies want to hype the potency of their products, and I enjoy kratom as much as the next guy, but I have yet to feel “blown away” by any kratom I’ve tried). On the back side of the label, Kaboom is described as an “All Natural Full Spectrum Kratom Powder & Extract”, with the usual “do NOT use while operating a motor vehicle…” and “this product is not intended to treat, prevent, or diagnose any illness” disclaimers. A web address for Kaboom (kaboomkratom.com) is listed at the bottom of the package, though after checking it out online, the URL is – not surprisingly – currently parked by godaddy.com.

The capsules inside of the package are the standard “0″ size (contains roughly 0.5 grams) gelatin capsules used by most kratom producers. The kratom extract powder in Kaboom’s caps doesn’t really have much of a “kratom” smell to it, nor does it have any distinctive taste to it. To start out, I downed three Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules (two intact, and the powdered contents of one gel capsule) with a glass of water. The relaxing effects kicked in roughly 20 minutes after consumption, but they were fairly subtle compared to my preferred kratom brands. Several days prior, I had strained a shoulder muscle falling off a friend’s porch while drinking (don’t ask). It still hurt like the devil, and I was hoping that this kratom would dull the pain enough that I could concentrate on my work. The Kaboom capsules did take a slight edge off of my shoulder pain, though much less effectively than say, Kratom Therapy Red Dragon or Divinity Kratom Capsules would have. Kaboom’s effects were also comparatively short-lived. Within three hours, I had felt pretty much the same as if I had before taking these capsules, wicked shoulder pain and all.

In short, Kaboom Kratom Green Malaysian with Indo Extract Capsules weren’t a total disappointment. They worked moderately well to relieve pain and provide some small measure of relaxation. However, there are plenty of other brands out there that sell more and better-quality kratom for comparable prices, so I wouldn’t recommend shelling out for these until they’re in your local or online headshop’s bargain bin.

Mildly relaxing and analgesic
Resealable packaging
Kratom/kratom extract doesn’t taste or smell bad

Short-lived effects
No stimulating or euphoric properties to speak of


  1. victor

    hola como puedo venderlas en argentina

  2. Kaboom Kratom

    Thanks for this review. I hear there is a new ban on kratom exports in many countries. This will surely drive the price higher.

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