May 29

Is there a Kratom Drug Test?

kratom drug testA common unease among kratom users concerns drug testing and whether or not kratom can show up on a standard drug test. Regardless of the fact that kratom is legal almost everywhere, the negative media hype and the false spin put forth by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration might influence a potential employer to test for kratom – but don’t panic yet. Employers around the country may be performing drug tests, but they aren’t looking for mitragyna speciosa and there’s no evidence that they’ll begin doing so anytime soon.

Regardless of whether or not employers are looking for kratom, many wonder if kratom shows up on a drug test, or if it could cause a false positive. The answer is, in most cases, no. Countless personal anecdotes can be found across the internet from kratom users being tested for common substances like marijuana and opiates via a urine based drug test. When these standard tests are performed kratom does not show up, nor does it cause a false positive to appear for opiates. It’s safe to say that, as things currently stand, a normal urine drug test should not be affected by kratom use.

Kratom drug tests do exist though – companies like Millennium Laboratories have created a specific kratom drug test which targets mitragyna speciosa. They claim that these tests are to help their customers (clinics and addiction treatment centers) test for the major active alkaloids found in kratom leaf. As a company that should have some realistic knowledge of kratom and other substances, it’s a shame to see Millennium Laboratories make the egregious error of comparing kratom to bath salts and spice. It’s clear that this company is just trying to cash in on the “kratom is bad” bandwagon. Of course, we all know this parade has no legs to march on, yet the band still plays on.

Sadly Millennium Laboratories isn’t alone, Randox Toxicology has joined them in trying to make money off a legal, safe plant by incorrectly asserting that kratom is a “designer drug” and marketing drug tests to detect kratom which they claim has “cocaine-like side effects”. It’s another pathetic attempt at scaring employers into purchasing their drug tests – but again, there’s no need to panic. There’s no evidence that employers around the country are going to begin testing for kratom with a kratom drug test. There is currently no standard drug test designed to test for kratom in addition to the usual illicit substances, and standard urine drug tests are what most people will encounter.

So do not live in fear, although a few select companies are creating kratom drug tests, kratom will not show up on a standard drug test. This could change in the future, and We Love Kratom will continue to monitor industry changes and developments in drug testing technology, but at this time we believe there is no reason to fear that kratom use will affect the accuracy of a normal drug test.


  1. mike

    I took a home test that tests for about 12 different drugs and I can tell you that kratom tests positive for methodone . Ingested 14 hours prior to test

  2. Adam

    Any news on the detection window for kratom? I read on one website that it is detectable in urine up to 6 hours depending on on the amount ingested, the test used, your metabolism or if you have other medical conditions. Also I read someplace else that it is detectable for less than 24 hours?

  3. Anon Source

    There is an effective Kratom drug test performed by a toxicology lab that addiction centers use, PCLS labs. While I am unaware of the detection time in urine, I know without we can accurately test for levels of mytraginine with a lab test. We have caught many patients in the act with this test. They do not offer a panel (instant result) test. I suspect that because mytriganine has a detection period in urine of 48 to 72 hours at most because it is water soluble. Could be less depending upon its half life and method of excretion. So let it be known now that it CAN and IS accurately tested for… but so far the only place such a test is employed is for use in Addiction Treatment and Recovery Residencies that have an advanced lab set up (such as the one I work for…)

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