Mar 08

Experience Da Pimp Bomb Kratom Capsules Review


Experience Da Pimp Bomb Kratom Capsules TL; DR: Though they took a bit longer than some brands to kick in, Experience Da Pimp Bomb 15x Kratom Extract Capsules provided long-lasting pleasant and relaxing effects. The product’s name and “Party Pack” descriptor on the packaging probably won’t endear this product to more stoic kratom connoisseurs, however. 

When I had received one pack of Experience Alternatives Da Pimp Bomb 15x Kratom Extract Capsules in my latest box of samples from Super Fun Cave, I was tickled pink. Was this the preferred kratom brand of Iceberg Slim, Dolemite, and Snoop Dog–er, Lion? Yes, I’m aware that Experience is simply playing upon the name of the kratom strain used, Maeng Da, which apparently translates to “pimp”. Ironically, other translations I’ve seen indicate that Maeng Da also means “cockroach”, which seems to suggest that pimps don’t enjoy the same status as countercultural heroes in Thai culture.

Admittedly, the packaging looks pretty hip: “da * pimp” is written in 70s-style bubble lettering and the descriptor “party pack: 30 caps” appears on the bottom-right hand corner of the label (I checked Experience Alternative’s site, and the “party pack” logo doesn’t appear on the label; perhaps they’ve removed it). The back label carries the usual disclaimer warning users to not use kratom while pregnant or nursing, operating a motor vehicle, or in combination with other medications or drugs. However—as in most cases—the packaging does not suggest an ideal dosage amount, nor does it specify how many grams of kratom extract are in each capsule.

The capsules themselves are fairly large, and I’d hazard a guess that they contain roughly a gram and a half of powdered kratom extract. The kratom extract inside the capsules has very little in the way of a discernible “kratom” smell. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I tasted a bit of the kratom powder on my tongue. Interestingly, it had no bitter taste, or any taste at all, for that matter. I was intensely curious if I was about to sample another “extract” that had lost all of its potency in some warehouse months ago.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case. I had taken two “Da Pimp Bomb” capsules around 9AM, and made a point of forgoing my morning coffee, just in case the kratom had any appreciable stimulant effects. Starting off, I had a sore throat from a recurring sinus infection, though it wasn’t all that bad. Half an hour had passed and I didn’t notice any significant effects, though I figured this was likely due to the thickness of the gel capsules. I was right; forty minutes after taking the first two capsules, my sore throat and all sources of minor discomfort were gone, replaced by a subtle but pleasant feeling of relaxation. There weren’t any stimulating effects to speak of (frankly, I’ve never noticed Maeng Da to be any more stimulating than most other kratom strains), but I didn’t feel drowsy, either. Just to give Da Pimp Bomb a fair shake, I swallowed the contents of the capsule I had broken earlier. By 10:30, I realized that I was so relaxed that my foot had been twisted at an awkward angle against the floor for a long time. If it wasn’t for kratom’s numbing effects, I probably would have had one devil of a foot cramp.

All in all, Experience Da Pimp Bomb didn’t make me want to party hearty, nor did it make me feel particularly pimpin’; it was just a nice, long-lasting and relaxing kratom product that didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t rank it as highly as Kratom Therapy Red Dragon or Divinity’s powdered leaf, but for the price (30 caps on $34.95 on SFC’s site), it’s certainly worth it.

Resealable package
Kratom inside capsules doesn’t smell bad, or taste bad
Long-lasting analgesic and relaxing effects

Takes longer than some brands to take effect (this can probably be solved by taking the extract powder by itself)


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  1. Stepz

    Just tried this experience da pimp bomb 15x but it’s a different package, it’s blue but I gotta say it’s pretty good stuff, I recommend giving it a shot if your a Kratom lover.

  2. marie

    I always get cheated when I buy this product……it says there are 30 caps but they are almost always short at least 1 or 2. its ridiculous considering how expensive they are!!

  3. Andrew James Martin

    Da Pimp Bomb 15x Kratom Capsules are really nice, i get the party pack(30 count) for $23.00at a locol headshop. I have been taking kratom for quite some time and this stuff is reall nice, i take about 10 at a time and the effects last abt 5-6 hours. Really Calm and sadating. Pretty nice stuff if you ask me c:

  4. J. R.

    I actually received 2 packages of 15x capsules free for being a first time customer at a local shop. I’ll give them a go and then post my experiences later. This would be my first time using any kratom for that matter. Wish me luck!

  5. Jay T. Cold

    As always, thx much for the thorough review. I might have to give these a shot also.

    1. Natural_Solution

      Our pleasure. Thanks for the feedback.

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