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Captain Kratom Thai Capsules Review


Captain Kratom Thai Capsules TL;DR: Captain Kratom Thai Capsules were a nice balance between sedative and energetic, spurring me onward creatively, while keeping my mind and body stress free.

A packet of Captain Kratom Thai Capsules contains 15 grams of a powdered Thai kratom strain, and there are a ton of kratom pills in this package!  There are thirty-four in total, and they’ve all been packed to the max.  Captain Kratom’s Thai Capsules were donated by Super Fun Cave, where they are currently available for purchase. The capsules are the standard kratom pill size, as has been the case with all Captain Kratom Caps thus far.  I expected this to be an energetic (yet relaxing) strain, probably on par with the previously reviewed Captain Kratom Mini Caps, but I was still sure to leave myself open to whatever experiences Captain Kratom Thai Capsules would bring me.

Running the numbers shows there ought to be just under half a gram of kratom in each capsule, and knowing this I count out six capsules for an effective three gram dose.  Please keep in mind that the proper dosage varies among individuals, and what works for me may not work for you.  I took the pills on an empty stomach, washing them down with a sweet glass of ice tea.  The taste is non-existent, but just glancing into the packet sends a whiff of that familiar smell past my face.  While I hate swallowing any and all pills, I’m always happy to trade in a bit of discomfort to avoid tasting the bitter linger of kratom.

Captain Kratom Thai Capsules got to work in a hurry; it was maybe 10 minutes before I felt that first bit of rush entering my system.  Once thirty minutes had past, I gave up on the clock entirely.  It’s not that I didn’t think time mattered, but I just felt bogged down by it.  I freed myself from the constraints of an ever ticking time piece, and dove into some very physical art.  I felt very calm, and close to the world around me.  Stress, tension, anxiety, it all fell away and left me open to myself, to my own thoughts, dreams, and ideas.  Creativity came without effort, as did laughter, and even though I was alone in my home, I felt like I was part of so much more.  This feeling of connection, no doubt it was spurred by my own mental musings and outlets, but I wasn’t feeling any of this prior to partaking in Captain Kratom Thai Capsules.

This wasn’t as energetic as a strain as I was expecting, but I wasn’t lying flat on my back sedated either.  These Captain Kratom Thai Caps managed to hit a nice middle ground where I had enough energy to do whatever I wanted, and yet I still felt quite sedated, mellow even.  I also didn’t have any great desire to go outside as I got wrapped up in a personal art project indoors, and I think at the end of the day, it’s because I was able to focus.  Concentration was easy, and finding the motivation to do so was even easier.

It’s been nearly a month since I reviewed Captain Kratom Mini Caps so my memory isn’t perfect, but I have to say, I think the experience was rather similar to Captain Kratom Thai Capsules.  I’m guessing the manufacturer uses the same Thai kratom in both products, and the “mini” which I was previously confused about, was actually in reference to the smaller overall size of the package.  Captain Kratom Thai Capsules were longer lasting overall, the effects didn’t wear off until a good six hours had passed, and I woke up feeling nice and chill the next morning.  I’d recommend either product, but long time kratom enthusiasts will probably get more out of the Captain Kratom Thai Capsules than the Mini Caps.

Mildly energetic
Consistently mellow
No taste
Easy to focus
Long last 6+ hours

It would have been very difficult to keep an appointment


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  1. Tony

    I agree, this stuff sucked. Nothing whatsoever. Waste of cash. The best sedative type I had was “da pimp bomb.” There were 30 capsules and the entire bag had 28g of kratom. Super mellow effect. Maeng Da was a very energetic strain. I wanted to clean my entire house and then start over when I was done. The “Bali” was very average. This stuff just keeps you from withdrawals. Nothing more. Just quit popping anything and get “high on life.”

  2. KingRa

    ya swim just bought 15 gram bag of CaptainKratom thai capsuls , swim has eaten 10 grams over that past 2 hours . swim feels itchingb, mild euphoria akin maybie to 30 mg hydrocodone ,swim is impressed with the effect swim got with a legal substance ,however given the price 30$ and the amount swim has to take seems a bit pricey

  3. Jordan

    Had very good luck with these, the mini’s and the Maeng Da. They’re not the quality of powder sourced direct from suppliers, but, you shouldn’t expect that from packaged head shop kratom anyway. For retail/packaged kratom, this stuff is great, and a really good place to start.

    I recommend 4 only if it’s your first time, and 6 any other time. Real mellow buzz, I hope this stuff stays legal – took my abscessed tooth pain away in 20 minutes (I cant take any opiate painkillers, very allergic).

  4. jason harwood

    Do you offer free trial having tried it ….need a alternative other than opieAts…thanks!

  5. Jssash54

    Oh and I havnt taken kratom in about 4 years. Last time I took something similar was two Vicodin two weeks ago.

  6. Jssash54

    I ate the whole bag over a period of about 2 hours. Felt pretty good, like I took a Vicodin or two.

  7. reysanca

    offer kratom powder $55, kratom resin 8x $350 per kilogram

    1. Jo Egan

      whats ur website ?

  8. Pissedoffatkratom

    This didnt do anything i took 8 yesterday then 7 at night , today when i woke up i took 3 and 30 minutes ago i took 6 still nothing this was a huge waste of moneyi thought this was gonna relax me and get me in the zone for videogames after work but no a waste of money very angry i have no tolerance and all i ate was 1 small taco today i havent done anything else before this stuff sucks

    1. Natural_Solution

      Unusual, but not unheard of – if you have a genuine therapeutic need for kratom, or really just need something to take the edge off, try experiementing with different strains and producers. Like anything else grown, kratom can vary by supplier and batch. Don’t let one underwhelming experience deter you from enjoying this wonderful herb. It’s not an especially good recreational herb, but for improving focus (on work, gaming, or anything really) it can work great.

  9. chuuj

    i started with 6 and felt nothing after an hour so i took 4 more, 30 minutes later stil nothing so i kept taking 4 till i got to 16. still nothin.

    1. Natural_Solution

      Highly unusual, especially for a product as consistently good as Captain’s Thai. Without knowing more about your personal situation, like your tolerance, whether you ate, and other details, it’s very hard to get a sense of why they didn’t work for you. Every body is different.

    2. buck

      it was the same for me!

  10. Anonymous

    Take 5 then take 4 2hrs later- we’ll worth the investment.

  11. Anonymous

    This is very similar to any low end pain killer. Just calming, mentally and physically. How much did you have to take to get to the point you felt it would be hard to keep an appointment?

    1. Natural_Solution

      You know, I’ve never really eaten enough of the thai caps to be able to say for sure. I enjoy four caps in the morning, before my coffee, and another two later in the afternoon or early evening. I find this particular product to be stimulating akin to coffee and I never need more than a few to achieve the desired level of wakefulness.

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