Nov 14

Captain Kratom Crushed Thai Leaf Review


Captain Kratom Crushed Thai LeafTL;DR:  Captain Kratom Crushed Thai Leaf made for the perfect cup of calming tea, it helped my body to relax, yet gave my mind a stimulating boost that carried me through the day. 

Captain Kratom Crushed Thai Leaf comes in a large pouch containing 15 grams of crushed kratom leaf.  Like all Captain Kratom brands, the Captain stands in a confident pose on the front of the package, and in the background a sunset casts orange shadows over bamboo bungalows.  It’s a pleasant scene, and the scent coming from the kratom within the pouch is pleasant as well.  Captain Kratom’s Crushed Thai Leaf was donated by Super Fun Cave, where it’s currently available for purchase.  The outer Captain Kratom bag is not resealable, but the kratom has been double-bagged and the inner bag can easily be resealed.

The kratom in the bag is definitely leafy, and definitely crushed.  Most of the inner packet of kratom looks leafier, but when I flip it over, some of it has been crushed to near powder form.  Visually, it looks near identical to my loose leaf green tea, and I opt to treat it as such and prepare to brew a tea.  I measured about half the bag out (so 7 grams, give or take) and put a kettle on to boil.  I have a small tea steeper which allows me to fill an inner strainer with kratom, and then I pour the boiling water over the kratom.  The trick is that the water doesn’t just go over the kratom, but actually gets enough time for the kratom to fully infuse into the water, and I’ve found that my small steeper does the trick, but you can make a kratom tea with any pot, just be sure to have a strainer.

I let my tea steep for about 15 minutes and then transferred it into a cup.  It was still plenty warm, and although the taste was bitter, it wasn’t terrible. I drank the first cup down in a few huge gulps, and pour myself a second cup to sip on.  If the taste is too much for you, or you’re in the midst of summer, add some ice cubes and make an iced tea.  It took longer than usual for any effects to begin appearing, about 25 minutes passed before my body really began to relax.

While I felt relaxed, I actually felt quite mentally stimulated from my Captain Kratom Crushed Thai Leaf tea.  I equated it to having a few cups of coffee, but without the acidic tummy feeling that coffee on an empty stomach can create.  I didn’t feel nervous or jittery though, really kind of calm, but focused and intent.  The duration was about four hours, but I never did drink that third cup of tea, so it probably would have lasted longer had I pursed it.  Overall, a milder blend, but it had a real get-up-n-go feel to it, and I could appreciate that.

Mentally Stimulating
Calm, directed focus 

Requires some prep to consume
May be too mild for some

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  1. matthew mengel

    For added potency simmer leaves in water over low heat with lemon juice or white vinegar for about ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat once and combine both and enjoy. P.S. the vinegar seems to work best but it doesn’t lend much to the taste.

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