Aug 15

Smoking Kratom – Does it Work?

Can I smoke kratom?  It’s a common question among new kratom users and veterans alike, and you’ll find a wide range of opinions on smoking kratom.  Some people swear they’ve felt the effects of kratom after smoking it, while others claim to have smoked more than 20 grams to zero effect.  So where does the truth lie?  In We Love Kratom’s search for the truth, we turned to science for further information on the ageless question – is kratom smokable?

Kratom’s alkaloids, most notably mitragynine, cause and create the array of effects kratom is best known for.  Alkaloids have been used for thousands of years to alter the mind and body, some of which you may already be using daily, such as caffeine and nicotine.  A few infamous alkaloids, such as morphine, strychnine, and cocaine, have also garnered attention at one time or another.  It’s obvious that there is vast variation between alkaloids, but what does the chemical compound in kratom have to do with smoking?

It’s all about absorption, and finding the optimal method for it.  Alkaloids can be absorbed through the skin, orally through the stomach, or smoked, but the end result is always the same – the alkaloids are transferred into your blood stream, resulting in the stimulating effects of kratom.  How quickly they get there, and how long they remain, is often determined by the method of consumption used, and the strength of the alkaloids in question.  The alkaloids in kratom aren’t powerful enough to be absorbed through the skin (no matter how long you hold it!) and, like caffeine, you’re going to be disappointed if you try  smoking kratom.

If you really want to smoke kratom, you’re going to have to smoke a lot of it before you feel anything, and even if you do, it won’t last long.  It’s not uncommon to go through half an ounce of plain kratom leaf and feel absolutely nothing – if you smoke it.  It’s simple science – the alkaloids in kratom are just not concentrated enough to be an effective smoke.  Smoking kratom extracts, powders, and resins have very little effect when smoked, though you’re more likely to feel the short-lived effects due to the higher alkaloid concentration in these forms, but even the effects of smoking highly extracted kratom are barely comparable to the effects of orally ingested kratom.

That said, some people have reported positive effects when adding powdered kratom to tobacco or other smoking blends.  The interactivity between the chemical compounds in kratom and the substance it was mixed with may be causing the light kratomesque effects, or perhaps it’s merely the placebo effect coming into play, but in either case We Love Kratom does not recommend mixing kratom with other herbs.  If you want to fully enjoy the stimulating effects kratom has to offer, there is no better method than oral ingestion.  Of course, if We Love Kratom comes across a kratom which turns out to be smokable, we’ll be the first to let you know about it!  Until then, smoking kratom is a waste of good money and good kratom.


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  1. sean

    has anyone tried smoking it (powder form) in a water pipe/ oil burner? my guess is it would heat at a lower temp causing the alkaloids to hold up and give the desired effects. but if youre lighting up a blunt or using a weed pipe of course its gonna be disappointing.



    1. Natural_Solution

      Hey now, shouting isn’t necessary :)

      Joking aside, you should check out our primer on extracts and why claims of “260x” potency are chicanery of the silliest kind.

      1. KRATOM KING

        Iv gone to over 25 Expos around the US. FL, New Orleans, Vegas, ATL GA, NY, CA iv been to them all. ASD,Champs, Big and i Have takin every brand of kratom out there. For me Nothing is like the 260x. The strongest i have ever done. if you can tell me a brand that is stronger and More effective Kratom on the market Please let me know. Sapphire also allows you to create you own strain. i add kanna to my blend. Amazing.

    2. brad

      all I know is I got a 260x sapphire tiger and it was another invaluable purchase.so far mojo pimp in nola.herb imports brand.AND experience(ORANGE BAG)

  3. Nutmeg Kratom

    Kratom should not be smoked, nor should it be marketed in such an irresponsible manner as it is on this site. Kratom is not a “legal high”.

    1. Natural_Solution

      We try to be thorough, direct, and fair in our descriptions of kratom and go to great length to avoid construing it as a “legal high”. If you’ve found some instance where we’ve slipped and explicitly described kratom as a “legal high”, not merely speculating on that possibility, then please share it here. We will not tip-toe around the fact that kratom has psychoactive effects, and describing kratom as what it is, an effective analgesic and mood enhancer, hardly constitutes calling it a “legal high”.

      Update! We just combed through every post on WLK that uses the phrase “legal high” and, as expected, we only use it to denounce the fear mongering of the mass media. Stop being petty.

      1. Wiseaddict

        Why is your sponser advertising FDA approved Kratom? To my knowledge the FDA does not approve Kratom for human consumption. While you may not be calling Kratom a legal high, many of the products you are advertising on this website are the same overpriced formulations that are sold in stores that do advertise it as a legal high. Please get with the program and reconsider your promotion of irresponsible vendors.

        1. Natural_Solution

          Our sponsor is not advertising FDA Approved kratom, that would be silly. They’re advertising FDA compliant kratom which tells a very different kind of story. So because we are discussing products which are sold by places which do call them legal highs, you find it reasonable to hold the product’s manufacturer and one website which discusses them responsible? As if we had something to do with the stores that are marketing recklessly? That seems odd. The price of kratom IS an interesting topic and worth debating. Frankly, we think that kratom is underpriced on the bulk market, considering its efficacy. We also think that the price of kratom, as more companies move towards FDA compliance, will rise to match increased manufacturing costs. Ultimately, it’s a matter of opinion whether it’s ‘over’ priced, but rest assured that the basic price will rise over the coming year (we think, anyway).

  4. Anonymous

    dont do if you do then ur fuckin ridiculous. The only way is to ingest the powder or make a tea. and thats that. Trust me.

  5. Anonymous

    I smoked 2 capsules full and got a good effect not as strong as i like but it was a good experience i did not find any harm or nagitve side effects

  6. Benjamin Taylor

    smoking Kratom is not only pointless but Harmful to your health. You cant smoke it because the main alkaloids can’t survive those temperatures. How do i know this? Well… its called logic cause if they did survive the 451 degrees you would feel the effects. Kratom is not a fragile leaf by any means it just doesn’t get along with combustion. Please be smart about how you view Kratom. Smoking it just seems like a desperate attempt to achieve intoxication. Its not hard to find a justifiable reason to partake in this amazing leaf. If all else fails just use it to achieve relaxation. Smoking a leaf that has been brewed and ingested raw for 1000s of years is just idiotic. Please guys by no means am I talking down to you but I’m frustrated with these types of attitudes towards a leaf that helps so many people and people just try to get f****d up on it. If that’s what your looking for I’m sure you can find a doctor within 5 miles of your residence that would be happy to give you a handful of fun and a lifetime of addiction.

    1. ste

      I toss and wash about 4gm cambodian or thai with grapefruit juice before my morning coffee, attain an effect similar to 30mg of methadone (i used to get some juice from swim), it last for about 4 or 5 hrs and then i sprinkle some into my roll ups in the afternoon and it manages to sustain it compared to taking none at all. Im a big bloke (220lbs) and it helps me from picking up that bottle every day. Better than anything the doc prescribes, I dont need my anti D’s anymore. I always go for alternating green/red and it works for me. Smoking it has a tiny effect alone but as im n a limited budget it is better for me than redosing as i only use about 1/2 gm for the rest of the day. Peace folks and may all your experiences be most excellent.

  7. Test Subject Omega

    Thank you for this article.I have googled this same topic over the past week looking for an answer.When I personally tried to smoke Maeng Da I only felt a slight placebo effect and then it faded.IMHO the best way to administer a dose is to:1) put it in a tea bag (2) boil in a cup of water and (3) Drink it.

  8. Jb

    You can smoke Kratom, but from my understanding, it’s not really worth it. Smoking plain leaf or powder will do nothing because those products get their highest level of bioavailability when ingested through the stomach. On the other hand, you can make your own extraction from powder or leaf and smoke that. The process is similar to making smokable extractions of other herbs or substances. While making a smokable extraction from Kratom powder or leaf will work, it really doesn’t compare to just eating it. Smoking works, but it’s much shorter lasting and less intense. It also tastes worse than eating it. Not to mention that making smokable extractions are tricky. You could end up with a good extraction, or you could just end up wasting a lot of kratom. I wouldn’t recommend smoking it, not unless you want to make an extraction first, and even then I wouldn’t bother. Just eat it.

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