Apr 24

Can Grapefruit Juice Enhance Kratom Effects?

grapefruit juice and kratom effectsGrapefruits and grapefruit juice have been thought to enhance kratom effects in the kratom community for some time now, but is there any truth to this and if so, how does it work?

If you’ve ever seen a warning label on prescription medication, you’ll remember that grapefruit juice shouldn’t be mixed with a variety of medications. This is because grapefruits contain furanocoumarins which are the chemical compounds responsible for affecting the metabolic break down of medications and anything else you’ve consumed. Specifically, these compounds affect the liver enzyme Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) by inhibiting the ability of CYP3A4 to metabolize xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are chemicals which our bodies don’t naturally produce. Any compound which our bodies don’t produce can be considered a xenobiotic, but most xenobiotics are artificially created substances (often derived from nature through synthesis) which don’t occur naturally. Kratom alkaloids, like mitragynine, are thus considered xenobiotics.

If this seems confusing, that’s because it definitely can be! To sum it up briefly, grapefruits contain a compound which can inhibit our body from breaking down some synthetically derived substances, such as lab-created pharmaceuticals or the kratom alkaloid mitragynine. In the case of kratom, the grapefruit juice actually slows down the metabolism of mitragynine, which means the kratom remains in your system longer and essentially extends the duration of the kratom effects.

Obviously when it comes to the carefully calculated effects of pharmaceutical medications, you shouldn’t consume grapefruit juice as it can drastically (or even just minimally) change the way the medication works, putting yourself and your treatment at risk. Do not take grapefruit juice with kratom if you are on a medication which warns against it – the risk is not worth it. However, if you want to enhance kratom effects, grapefruit juice can and does serve as a safe and easy way to do so. Simply perform a toss and wash using real grapefruit juice and you’ll be on your way to enjoying enhanced kratom effects.

As with any new experience, be patient and try a small dose of kratom alongside grapefruit juice first. Every person reacts differently because we each have a unique physiology, and tolerance levels vary accordingly. If you’ve attempted to use grapefruit juice to increase the duration of kratom effects, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and join the discussion.


  1. chuck

    I started a new diet that included grape fruit I also have been takeing kratom for mild pain relief as well as energy..my experiance was quite acidental I took my normal taespoon and a half if kratom and then ate half a grapefruit …the only trouble was I left for work…now normally this wiuld supply hours of energy and pain relief but this day I could not wake up..for the whole day I was drowzy this might ofbeen nice relaxing at home but at work it suckrd!!!! I was not positive if it was the mix but I did not do it again till about one month later…forgetting about the first experiannce I did it again…and again had to work and omh!!! same ecperiance …the juicr or fruit greatly enhances the rffects of kratom..in my experiance

  2. doug t

    im going to try this tonight

    1. Kratom_Lover

      Awesome! Let us know how it works out.

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